Poubelle International <br /> ---------------------------------------------------<br /> BEN MCCARTHY : GUITAR AND VOCAL <br /> JOHAN PERSSON : DRUMMS <br /> DAVID ERICSSON : ELECTRIC BASS</p> <p>---------------------------------------------------<br /> <br /> POUBELLE INTERNATIONAL is a three-piece band that was formed in 2007 by three finely bearded designers over a lavish but bland three-course dinner. After having smoked three cigarettes in silence and feeling strangely content with their three tall glasses of Tanqueray, the trio shook hands and agreed upon a common mission; to play it loud! <br /> <br /> Poubelle International write three-minute songs about three different subjects - true lust, broken trust and plain wishful thinking. They practice playing three instruments three times a week on the third floor of a warehouse situated three blocks from a corner where the pretty girl sell her powerful electric tools.<br /> <br />